Rubber Doll

by Dead Klown Society

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Its the plot of beginning
And what we have the sight for
This is what we're coiled all around
If there's something understanding its supposed a band
will find a rubber doll- if time allows
When you- can't see failure- all the harm- truths will lie
I was one- pull out the tiny mind- waiting to decide

(You can't/Believe it)
Just what is come to be
There's something awfully dark thats grown
(And we leave it - But need it)
And call for something else to help us soften up the blow

There's something better comin'- you always say so
And everything is always bright
And at the same time- loss is all but-
A slow routine of zombies, filling our life
But we feel, its not real and there's something to be sad for
Grinning on the side- photo taken wide
Waiting for our time

Oooohhh, {We won't be coming back, NO!}
To slow, there's no way
{You break it, you bought it, but never will you-}
Sacrifice, its blinding at this pace

When this all began, the call to take
A little ball began to roll, oh well
It was said and dealt- a cabaret in hell
We won't go back we won't



released March 31, 2013
Vegas J. Jenkins: Vox
Unkle Funky: Gtar
J. Lunzaga: Bass
Pierre: Drums
Hobbs: horns/violin




Dead Klown Society San Francisco, California

Emerging from the ashes of a Klown band and full circus, These 5 empty fools sought to reclaim their scattered dreams and fire them out of a 50 foot cannon into your earholes!

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