Pigeon Spokes

by Dead Klown Society

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I'm Hip, and say what I wanna say
I'll do, the things I like
I'll live, every single day just like it was the end of time.
I'll flip, down into the water hole
Where I, will never be dry
I know, just what I wanna see-final brilliant light

We got the same-Ghosts that fade
Open up and won't ya say -Hey now!-(Hey Now)
We bring the dread- cause we made the bed
Look at all the mess that we got now-(Got now)
We both know, that we don't know
We won't say that we meant so-(Meant so)
Rebound to say- that a plan don't go
If a plan don't have enough soul

I'll slip, into the afterglow
And try, to not get burned
I'll weigh, my time against the picture that'll come
upon me only in thirds
I'll dose, my water til it tastes right
And trip, to fire my will
I'll know, that everything is gonna be better than
the previous thrill
{Freezing my mind - Will make my time go well
Release the devil out - At ease now, now, now, now}

(Re-tread), errand of the few now
Least-wise, it is these days
(To mine), boiled to a sweet glue stickin'
to an endless phrase
(Past tense), even if it felt good
(Just go), and take it on the chin
(Back up), and start it where the start of all of it started to slip


released March 31, 2013
Vegas J. Jenkins: vox
Unkle Funky: Gtar
J. Lunzaga: Bass
Pierre: Drums
Hobbs: Horn/violin




Dead Klown Society San Francisco, California

Emerging from the ashes of a Klown band and full circus, These 5 empty fools sought to reclaim their scattered dreams and fire them out of a 50 foot cannon into your earholes!

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